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The best thing that happened for millions of small business was the introduction of Google plus circles, a unique and innovative way to market to multiple lists of followers all from one easy-to-use dashboard. The system is absolute genius because it allows you to organize, maintain and grow simultaneously multiple highly targeted lists that can provide everything from business contacts, social contacts, vendors, product distributors, employees, work associates, friends, family and just about anything else that can be organized into simple drag-and-drop circles. 


By being involved in a specific conversation, the friends that you already have on Google plus, can invite you into other circles that they may be participating in. For instance you may have a follower interested in science fiction movies. Some of their Google plus friends may already have 300 or more people in a circle involved in sci-fi conversations.  


Even if you don't know that much about science-fiction start talking to your friends about this subject and get involved in their conversations. Present movie clips, articles, and things of interest that will appeal to the sci-fi circle. Ask them their opinion and allow them to be the professionals in this circle. This particular sci-fi circle may be offered to you through an invitation. Your Google plus account will increase in followers by simply adding another circle. It’s like joining clubs with lots of members. Don’t push your business into this circle right away, be patient and wait for the right time.  


If you already have existing circles then offer your circles back to these followers too. You can offer different types of circles and interests. You may have a circle that is interested in art. You may also have a gardening circle that you want to offer to your other followers. By sharing your circles you not only increase your followers but you will also allow for long-term business interaction. 


If you become too pushy about your business within certain circles and continually promote yourself, it can turn people off. You may find that some of your circles will eventually block you and your posts. Constantly posting about your business along and special offers to a science-fiction group, may see you being blocked from the circle altogether.  Get to know your circles first and remember it takes time to build up a responsive audience.   


Sometimes you have to give followers what they want first, in order for them to take notice of what you have. Have fun with Google plus circles. People will eventually come to you...  


If you would like to learn more about Google circles click this link here:  


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