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Is Affiliate Marketing Really As Simple As "1-2-3"?

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The short answer to this question is "Yes. Absolutely".


The long answer is, "no, it's not".


What I mean by this is the concept of making money online, as an affiliate marketer only requires someone to buy something from you online through your affiliate links; very cut-and-dry, as it should be.


That's the "simple" part. What's challenging (And what causes some people to quit), is the process to make the statement above real for them. That, unfortunately, is the part most uber-successful online marketers leave out. The work that requires making what IS simply a reality.


What most beginners forget or don't understand is money isn't made selling products; it's becoming a "master marketer". A master marketer MAKES making money online a piece of cake (and it really is). Learning & mastering it is the hard part. Yet, also the most rewarding.


What draws people in like bees to honey, is the cost of entry of setting up your own online business, giving you the illusion that since it's just as easy to "set-up", it'll be just as easy to "make money".


There's a saying that goes: "If you want to have more, you need to BE more". And I think it rings especially true for many of our new affiliate marketers.


Before you get started on your affiliate marketing journey, I suggest purchasing a small journal to answer the following questions:


1. What niches am I personally interested in selling products, and which ones aren't total crap so I can sell them successfully?


2. How long have the product been out and what is its selling potential?


3. What has already been said about the product (good and bad), and what can I do to improve on what has already been done to carve a small niche out for myself to stand out?


4. Where and how can I get quality content (video/articles/audio) to add to my website/blog/email?


These questions are "critical" to understand and answer truthfully without fabricating the data, because it's the data that'll make or break you in the long run. These are your personal notes you can go back to as many times as necessary until you get the results you seek.


As long as you understand that success in affiliate marketing means being a master marketer and writing down a plan of attack, you'll be 100x further along towards your goal before tomorrow afternoon.  

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