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Insider Trade Secrets A Multi-Millionaire Blogger May NEVER Admit To Your Face


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In this article, I’m going to expose 2 of those trade secrets -- but I can’t promise this will be up for long as I suspect the powers that be may legally “force” me to take this article down -- so take notes before it’s too late. 


Confession #ONE: The Wealthiest Bloggers Have “Tech Help” -- Did you think they code and programmed their blog on their own? Impossible. There isn’t enough time in the day to do it between writing content and marketing. 


I don’t care if you were voted in high school, “Most Likely To Be A Computer Programmer”, to be a millionaire blogger you need to outsource that task to some-one better capable at doing it than you while you focus on content creation and marketing. 


Some of the best blogs about “technology and programming” are created by someone outside of the creator themselves (ironic huh?).  


If you don’t have the money to hire someone to do the job, you can barter and trade skills or products/services or save and scrimp from your blogging efforts and invest in a good programmer later.  


Confession #TWO: Turn On The Camera, Say Something, And Get It Out There -- Anyway -- I don’t know ANY anonymous multi-millionaire bloggers. And, with the way technology is today people expect to see and hear the voice behind the words on a blog. 


If you look at people like Perez Hilton or Yaro Starak, you’ll see they are some of the most open about their business and lives. It gives people a window into the soul of the people they feel they know and make a deeper connection -- all because of a simple video. 


If you want to be a multi-millionaire blogger, these two secrets alone will put you on the fast track to success because the key is to do what others aren’t doing -- and right now, most people aren’t willing to put in the extra effort to get big results.  


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