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Affiliate marketing can be a profitable and successful endeavor, but contrary to popular belief, it isn’t easy.   This type of marketing involves recommending products or services online that you have signed up to earn a commission for.  Records are kept of which sales came from one of your websites or links and you earn a percentage or flat fee with every sale you encourage.   While there is lots of money to be made, there is also lot of work and marketing to be done.  Here is a quick overview of how list building compliments your affiliate marketing strategy.   


What is List Building? 


List building is a method used to build a database of targeted subscribers.  They supply you with their email address, and sometimes other information such as phone number and first name, in exchange for some free gift.  These gifts can be anything of value, from a free WordPress template for a free e-report.  Once you have collected their email address you have the ability to send emails to a targeted set of prospects.  These emails are sent through an automated email service such as Aweber or GetResponse. 


An Opt-In Box 


Once you sign up for Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp, you have the ability to create an opt-in or email capture form.  You can custom design it to fit in with your website by selected color schemes or even uploading your graphics.  Once created, simply place the code on your website and viola, you now have a form that collects email addresses and stores them in your online database. 




So what do you do with this list of emails?  Well, you create a set of highly converting emails.  These series of emails, known as auto-responders, will be sent out at specific times to educate your list members, provide tips, techniques, new product information and of course push your affiliate products.  Aweber will manage these automated emails for you; you simply have to tell it when to send each email.   


For example, email 1 should be sent immediately after someone signs up, whereas email 2 may be sent on day 3.  Some emails will only give tips and advice, while others will specifically talk about one of your affiliate products and how it can meet their needs.  By providing valuable information and keeping in contact with your targeted list members, you will establish trust.  Once they view you as an expert who can help solve their problems they will be comfortable enough to try the products and services you recommend. 


To learn more list building and how it can boost your affiliate sales visit {product_name}. 


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