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If You Want To Earn A Small Fortune Blogging, You MUST Do This…Or Die


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I have a quick question for you: 


“If you were down to your last dollar and you knew that you had to earn another buck to buy a pint of water or die, which one of the following choices you would pick to give you the better odds at making money with blogging?” 


A. Entertain your audience and pray they donate pocket change or click on a ad sense ad to support your cause. Or… 


B. Solve a SPECIFIC problem your target audience will be happy to pay you to fix from your blog. 


If you’re like most people, of course the logical answer is “option B”, but the unseen answer is “option A”. Here’s why: 


When most people think of blogging, they assume if they write what they’re passionate about, money will magically show up from nowhere to pay expenses and buy fancy vacations. Yet, the truth is… 


If YOU don’t offer your customers something to help them gain pleasure or escape pain, you’re not going to make a dime. And, it all goes back to basic fundamental truths about marketing -- even with something as personal as a blog. 


Don’t be mistaken… 


I’m not saying you “shouldn’t” blog about what you want.  Just understand that, unless you’re in a target market where people are known to spend money -- you won’t make very much if your goal is to crack jokes and entertain your audience. 


Listen, people read blogs for relief from boredom, but selling entertainment alone is a little tricky because the expectation on the web for people who look for entertainment is “free, free, free”. Just look at what record companies and movie studios are dealing with right now in piracy.  


A key success trait in many successful bloggers is having a solid understanding of who your market is, how they’ll find you, and what problems you solve for them.


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