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HubPages vs. Article Directories: Which Is Better?  

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You have a batch of articles that you're about to post on one or more article directories, but you're wondering if maybe HubPages would make a better home for them.  You should always follow your instincts. Just like most article directories, HubPages is free, so you can post as many articles as you wish. That's where the similarities between the two end. The following should prove to you that writing hubs are a far better use of your time than merely publishing articles on article directories, especially if more traffic, attention and revenue are your primary goals. 


Social Blogging Network: Unlike most online article directories, HubPages is a social network first and a blogging or article network second. You can gather followers, have those followers comment on and spread your articles and amass your own little marketing army, all with ever hub you write. 


Earn Money: With HubPages, there is always the possibility that you'll begin to earn a regular monthly income. You can opt to add Adsense and other ad networks to each of your hubs, which will help you earn money each time someone views and/or clicks on one of your ads. 


More Elements: Many article directories are boring, offering only text options to readers. With HubPages, you get much more. There are options to add photos, videos and all sorts of other attention-grabbing options, which will set your hubs apart from all those competing against you. 


Rating System: The hubs that get the most votes from users rise to the top of the HubPages search engine. Hubpages also factors in the amount of traffic your hubs receive to work out your overall rating. Your hubs are naturally search engine friendly to boot. If you can write popular hubs on a variety of subjects, you'll surely get the attention and traffic you're looking for. 


Comments: Not many online article directories allow for user comments, but HubPages does. The more comments your hubs earn, the more popular your articles will appear and the more attention you'll generate. As a result your hub ratings remain high, which helps to attract even more visitors overall. This can't happen with even the best article directories. 


These are just a few reasons you'll want to include HubPages with your article marketing campaigns. Don't throw out article directories altogether, as they are still incredibly useful, but start moving towards more HubPages submissions and you'll receive many more benefits from your efforts. 


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