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How to Start Branding on Twitter  


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What most people don’t realize when it comes to Twitter marketing is that they should be selling their brand – not their product. See, the services and products you provide are generic and the purpose of branding is to make your clients believe that you are the only source for them. One of the best samples for this is the Apple Company. Although they have started off with the iPhone and iPod; their further ventures still managed to become best sellers. This is because they managed to market their brand, earning a reputation connected with Apple. 


With Twitter marketing, you can do this to. Following are some tips on how this can be done. 


Be Distinctive 

Choose a name and logo that makes it easier for people to remember who you are. The name should define the kind of product and service you provide. The logo should also be memorable since most people tend to remember images more than they do words. Upload a chosen profile picture on Twitter and stick to it. 


Go for a Color 

Twitter allows you to create your own background so take advantage of that. Don’t use the default setting because this is generic. The goal here is to make sure that when followers visit your page, they know perfectly well that they are in your profile. Ideally, the specific color should also be the theme for your profile picture or logo. 


Bank on Customer Service 

One of the hallmarks of a good brand is excellent customer service. Use the public setting of Twitter to correspond with your clients about any questions and problems. The visibility shows your followers that you are perfectly comfortable addressing any problems, therefore building your reputation in the industry. 


Provide them with Something Useful 

Spamming your way in Twitter will only result to a bad reputation. Instead, be visible, but always give your followers data that they will actually like. A good example of this will be upcoming sales, events, games and content related to your business. 

Follow Social Media Etiquette 

Despite the informality of the setting, Twitter etiquette is in existence and is deeply followed by the people in it. It is suggested that account holders – especially businesses – will explore the rules and regulations provided by the social websites. 


Of course, those aren’t the only methods that can be used to build your brand. Depending on the type of online business, you have, it’s perfectly possible to use other methods that you think will work. Some online businesses also pursue alliances with other companies and launch keyword-specific marketing campaigns. 


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