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How To Guarantee Your Membership Site Stays Profitable For Years


Massive Membership Site Profits


First thing you should do is: Offer on-going customer support. 


If you’re going to charge people monthly for related content, they want the comfort and support you’ll stand by your membership and the content and that you’re not a flake only out to take money, but give very little value in return. Next… 


Update your products regularly to keep current customers (and new customers) happy. 


Have you ever seen content that’s clearly “outdated” and out of touch with the current reality?  


It’s enough to make me bleed tears of frustration. For example: I’ve seen membership sites tell their subscribers to do things that, at one time, was okay and legal to do -- but could now get you thrown in jail if you tried it in this day and age. 


I’ve seen some of them tell people to take PLR content, slap their name as the author, and put it up on article directories (an outdated method that doesn’t fly anymore in the 21st century) 


And, I’ve seen a few talk about how much money can be made with Google AdSense income even though the system is almost extinct as people avoid those little blue links at the bottom of every spam blog. 


All the reason to make sure your content is “up-to-date”! And, make sure it WORKS. 


Pretty obvious, right? Well, not really. Not when there are more “broken” membership sites people unhappily pay good money to join that, if fixed, could make the owner a fortune -- but I digress. That’s THEIR problem one which YOU should make sure not to deal with. 


You don’t want to deal with minor mistakes like subscribers not being able to log-in, lag time, or frequent updates that shut the membership site content down for long periods of time and leave them hanging out to dry. 


It frustrates paying members and cause cancellations and mass refunds. Be sure it never happens on your watch and you’re golden. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits) 


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