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How to Get the Right Followers in Twitter  


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Getting more followers in Twitter is one of the most important steps in marketing through this social platform. The fact is that no matter how well-thought of your Tweets are, if very few people are reading them, then it really wouldn’t matter much. This is why the first goal of a small-business owner is not just followers but get the RIGHT follower demographic. 


Choose a Photo and Stick to It 

The business should decide on a specific logo and use it as their permanent profile. Changing the image too often will only confuse followers. Make sure that the logo is easily identifiable and can be directly associated with the kind of product or service the business provides. 


Name Used 

The business name will obviously be the Twitter’s account name. This is why as early as possible; individuals should make sure that they get something catchy and descriptive for their business. Like their profile picture, the name will be one of the identifying factors of the business. 


Follow the Target Market 

A great way to find viable customers through Tweeter is by checking out the following of like businesses. For example, if you are selling bags and accessories, then following a business selling shoes and shirts might be a good idea. There’s a good chance that people who are following the latter will appreciate the former. Follow this people and they will be curious enough to check on you and hopefully follow back. 


Follow Other Business 

Start following Twitter accounts of other businesses within the same industry. This doesn’t refer to competition but rather, to complementary companies, whether they’re big or small. Companies usually follow back since it is good for their image. It’s also a good idea to devise a tweet that a company would find appealing enough to re-tweet. This would definitely attract the attention of more followers. 


Retweet Information 

Retweet relevant information and ask followers to retweet the data you gave them. This works best for sales announcements. By asking followers to RT (retweet) information, a business can reach out to second degree followers. Re-tweeting what others have to say can also boost the brand and help the business communicate better with their followers. 


Start Contests 

There’s nothing like contests to attract more followers. Businesses could ask their existing followers to retweet information or share some data. At the same time, this makes for an excellent marketing ploy. Offering exclusive items to existing followers is also a great way to generate some new ones – just make sure that it isn’t too expensive. 


Keep in mind that getting Twitter followers is a continuous effort so don’t stop no matter how many followers you already have.


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