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How to Get a Sponsor for Your

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Finding and selecting a sponsor for your mobile marketing campaign requires a little bit of planning.  Don’t just go down the phone book and contact every company! If you want to find the perfect sponsor, locate companies that have the same target market as you do.  By offering to advertise their company to your audience you can come to a comfortable exchange- free advertising in return for a sponsorship.  So how do you go about doing this?   

1.     Develop a plan for your mobile marketing strategy. 

By outlining a plan for your marketing campaign you will be more prepared to move forward.  Be sure to include details about who your intended audience is, the volume of your audience, and what you will do to reach this audience.  For example, will you be using SMS messaging, QR codes, or perhaps some other mobile marketing method?

2.    Create a list of potential sponsors. 

Once you have taken the time to analyze what your goals are, make a list of potential companies who share the same audience as you do.  This list should only include companies that actively target the same set of potential customers you are, since you will be using their sponsorship to advertise for these customers and vice versa.

3.     Create a list of contacts for each company. 

Now it’s time to determine who your contact will be at each of the companies you listed.  Some companies have a sponsorship department while other organizations will simply put you through to the marketing or advertising departments.  Share your marketing plan with each contact and tell them about any other sponsors who already on board.  This will help pique their interest and ease some of the worries about sponsoring your business.

4.     Create a presentation. 

Create a professional presentation showcasing the benefits of sponsoring your mobile marketing campaign.  Some of these benefits may include showing their company logo and your business website, or mentioning their company in your newsletter.  Anyway, you can give them ‘free’ publicity is a benefit to them.  Don’t forget that your audience is comprised of their potential clients, so you are putting their name and information directly in front of their target audience.

5.     Secure the contract. 

Once everything is in place, be sure to sign a contract with the sponsor stating what the company will provide.  Then state what you will provide to the company in return for their sponsorship.  Cover the length of time that this contract will last, and any other important information as well.


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