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How To Earn A Solid Income With Conduit Method Reviews With These 6 Solid Tips


Profit Pulling Reviews


Ahhh.  The good ol’ Conduit Method. Still works till this day, you know? Has NEVER failed me once. I think what I like most about this method is this… 


You’re never actually selling anyone on anything, because they’ve already sold them-selves BEFORE they got to you. All you’re doing is giving them the opportunity to buy what they already want and confirm their decision to buy at all through effective pre-sell reviews that hit home with your readers. 


I know you’re anxious to dive right into the meat of the content, so I won’t waste any time with introductions and fluff. Let’s go straight into… 


TIP Number #1: Pick A Niche With Enough Competition To Fill Your Head Up To Your Eyeballs 


Let me level with you for a minute -- Picking a niche out of nowhere you THINK is untapped is like picking at a carcass in the middle of the dessert and calling it “healthy” -- It’s a dead end (no pun intended). 


Solution? Pick a niche instead with enough buyers to fill your belly (and your pockets) that other people clearly are having success with. Well, now there’s a thought. 


TIP Number #2: Register Your MAIN Keyword In Your Domain Name And Get A Good Hosting Account For It  


Hmmm. No need to go into detail here. Pretty self-explanatory.  


TIP Number #2: Create (Or Outsource) Conduit Reviews 


Sure. You can hire someone else to do it, but I recommend doing the first few reviews yourself so you know what works BEFORE you pay someone to take over the reigns. 


Write 3-5 reviews for different products and reserve one as you’re “best” that you believe will give your readers and potential customers most benefit. 


TIP Number #3: Take MASSIVE Action 


Money moves to those who act with speed and purpose. And, your time would have been wasted if you nod your head in agreement to these tips and do -- nothing. 


In a perfect world, we wouldALL like to simply READ or UNDERSTAND something and magically have it work itself out -- but nothing works until YOU do.  


And by the way…if you want more advanced strategies and more tips on the conduit review method, check out [Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy] where I show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models. 


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