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How To Earn A Five Figure Monthly Income Advertising On Your Blog


Barrel Loads of Blog Traffic


To kick-start this article off, I’m going to assume you already have a blog or you know how to put one up already. I won’t insult your intelligence or waste your time on stuff I know most people know about already. So… 


A blog is not a blog until you’re getting traffic to breath life into it. Otherwise, there’s no point in writing one and having a nice looking blog design. Without traffic, you’re writing a journal (if you’re a guy) or diary (if you’re a woman).  


There are several options to drive quality, targeted traffic to your blog including search engine optimization, back linking, article distribution, and among others. 


One of my personal favorites is using videos to put on YouTube related to my targeted niche market. Not only does this drive a good flow of traffic to your blog, but it also builds a relationship with your readers who can now put face and voice to the content on your blog. 


Speaking of building a relationship…the next step to earning a five figure income is to devote your blog to solving peoples problems and giving them what they want -- which is MORE information, and consistently. 


I already know what you’re thinking. A blog, in theory, is supposed to be about YOU and what you want -- and that maybe the case, but if you want an audience you need to write not only about what YOU want, but what your readers want.  


If you do this, you’re guaranteed they’ll come back for more, and more, and more. 


This next step is a “bonus” more than a step because it’s optional on your journey to earn a 5-figure income, and that is building a list of loyal subscribers.  


Building a list is the KEY to building a long-term future and attracting business partners that would’ve been lost without one. 


If you follow the easy steps above in the order I gave them to you, you’ll have little problems earning a 5-figure monthly blogger income.  


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