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How To Drive A Surge Of Cash With Paid Blogging Assignments

Blogging Login Bonanza

Nine times out of ten, when you set-up your blog you’re not making a 5-figure income right out off the bat. But don't panic. You'll be glad to know...some of the most profitable blogs took months (even years) to develop a reader base worthy of paying out a high four to five figure monthly paychecks.

A big reader base combined with effective advertising partners, affiliate sales, and other recurring passive income, profits is not the only thing that contributes to its success: It's just getting started.

These blogs started from the same place you are now: a few blog entries, an about me page, and that's about it.

This brings me back to the "Not-Making-A-Dime" issue so many bloggers face.

If you're not making money from blogging and you intend on bringing in the kind of income professional bloggers like John Chow or Shoemoney bring in, you don't have to "wait" until all of your ducks are aligned to start making money -- right now.

Here's how you do it: Paid Blogging Submission Assignments

It's far from being the ONLY way to make money blogging, but it is highly effective if you're new to blogging and need a surge of cash to get you motivated moving forward.

The FOUR most popular, well-known, and reliable "pay-per-blog-post" services are:

1. Blogitive 
2. BloggingAds
4. PayPerPost

You can't get paid for your blogging efforts if you don't register for at least one of the four above. It's a snap to fill out the registration requirements.

All four require you to generate at least some decent traffic.

Remember, they are paying YOU to make a blog post on YOUR blog. Obviously, to get their monies worth they want some traffic to view the blog post they're paying you to put on your blog.

A moderator will check out your blog to see if you qualify for their paid blogging  program.

When accepted, you will normally be put in a "bidding" environment where bloggers compete for the paying assignment. My favorite assignments are the ones where they give you "pre-text" and all you have to do is copy and paste to get paid for a blog post.

This concludes the quick tutorial on how to bring a surge of cash into your blog with paid blogging assignments. 

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