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How to Create an Effective List Building Opt-In Page  


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If you are looking for a new and creative an email-capture solution for your list building strategy, you are in luck!  Below are the steps you should follow to make the increasingly popular and effective opt-in page.  First, be sure that you have chosen a niche that is in demand and one that will attract subscribers. You also need to write or purchase professional copy and you need to craft a persuasive call to action.  These will all come into play later.


List Building 101- Main Headline 


The headline is perhaps the most crucial component of your opt-in page.  A boring or too lengthy headline will cause someone to click off your page immediately.  If your headline doesn’t capture the readers’ attention and doesn’t keep them from leaving it is not doing its job.  Come up with an attention-grabbing headline that will excite and intrigue your reader.  Your headline should simply direct the reader to your offer; it doesn’t have to convince them to sign up.  As long as their interest is peaked they will continue to follow your links.  Besides, once they arrive at your offer you will have plenty of time to convince them to subscribe.


Sales Copy and Benefits 


Once your headline has directed traffic to your text it is time to provide an incentive.  Start by showing them a bulleted list of reasons they should join your subscriber list.  Each bulleted item should be treated as a sub-headline.  They must grab interest and direct the eye further down the page.  Next, provide some sort of evidence to your claims.  There could be recommendations for other customers, testimonials, or even statistics.  With so many scams and tricks Internet users have grown weary of online offers.  Make them feel confident that your proposal will deliver and is not just some Internet scam. 


Call to Action 


List building relies heavily on a commanding call to action.  Now that your reader has followed your cues down the page, hit them with your powerful call to action.  Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you want them to do.  Don’t assume that when they see your lead capture form they will understand that you want their email address and first name, tell them!  For example, “Simply fill in your first name and email below and click submit to receive your…”  This leaves no room for doubt.  Your prospects will completely understand that once they follow these steps they will receive what you have promised them.


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