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How To Create A "Set And Forget" Article Marketing Business On Auto-Pilot

Communication is Content Clout

This is what ALL traffic-generating articles have in common:

1. Well-researched keywords placed properly in the articles for keyword density

2. They are user-friendly and provide good, quality information to the reader without giving away the farm.

3. They rank in the top 3 results of Google for their respected keyword (the secret sauce that adds the extra "kick" to your article marketing campaign)

I've seen marketers celebrate and throw their own online party when just "1" article ranks on the first page of Google, let alone in the top 3 searches. But, the numbers have shown consistently that the most clicks to articles happen *ONLY* in the first 3 results of a keyword.

In other words, don't break open a bottle of champagne when you're best articles rest in position #5 or worst on page 1 of Google. They "must" get in the top 3 positions for their keyword for article marketing to be worth your while.

If you are interested in improving your articles ranking on Google, scroll down to learn more:

Keep A Close Eye On Competition On Page 1 Of Google Results -- Use a page rank checker to learn what you're facing before you tackle a keyword dominated by the likes of a Microsoft, CNN, or big time marketer.

Often you can tell if a keyword is worth pursuing to dominate by the domain name alone.

If you see the top 3 spots filled by other online marketers who use blogger, WordPress, Go Articles, or HubPages to dominate that spot, you can take the next step and write an article on that keyword phrase. Be sure the information flows and contains no run on sentences.

Back linking Your Articles to Progressively Move Up The Google Ladder is the 2nd step.

If the articles are the seeds to a growing income, you need water for it to grow. The water your articles need is called "backlinks", and there are several great back linking services, I recommend you use to handle this tedious process if you have the budget.

Article marketing DOES work, but ultimately it's up to you to make it work. Now, go out there and apply the two steps above for your article marketing business.

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