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Mobile marketing provides companies with another way to reach consumers on a more personal level.  As cell phones and iPads become more and more advanced, so does the technology available to send marketing messages to your prospective customers.  Companies can now use mobile marketing to increase traffic.  This type of marketing comes in many forms, including text messages, mobile websites, and even banner and video advertising. 

Getting Started with Mobile Marketing 

You can begin mobile marketing by setting up a form on your main website that captures customer cell phone information.  Mobile advertising is permission based marketing method.  This is to ensure that this new technique does not fall into the same pitfalls as email marketing, which is the well known black hat technique known as spamming.  One way to entice your customers into signing up is by offering special offers, announcements, and insider news or discounts to mobile subscribers. 

Take the time to welcome your new readers.  Whenever a customer signs up to receive your updates and offers, they should receive a message that describes the services immediately.  For example, send them a ‘Welcome To X Company’s Mobile Updates!’  This message should also include how often they will receive updates and a number they can text if they choose to opt out at any time. 

Include your company name in all of your mobile correspondence.  When sending text messages, it is vital that your customer knows where the advertisements are coming from.  Use a link shortener such as “TinyUrl” to keep your lengths down and your message around 156 characters.  Design the pages of your site with mobile viewing in mind, and optimize the content so that all links can be viewed easily on a mobile screen. 

Plan for success.  Keep in mind that this marketing campaign is intended for long- term success.  Integrate the campaign with your other marketing efforts such as email, television, radio etc to drive traffic to your website, encourage readers to visit your store, or simply call them to action. 

You may even consider hiring an agency that specializes in mobile marketing.  They can assist you in designing banners and interactive text messages that get your readers involved and interested in your company.  These agencies can also help tweak your campaign to bring maximum results, help you collect more mobile numbers to grow your list, and explain some of the more complicated techniques.


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