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How You Can Target the Right Keywords to Make Money this Holiday Season


Cashing in on Holidays Articles


Isn't it time, you upped your game? Found the targeted the big holiday keywords? There are a couple of ways you can approach the keyword targeting madness. The expensive way or the smart way. If you are flushed with cash this holiday season and you think you can outbid some of the biggest retailers on the planet for the really big keywords. Go ahead!


Most of us though cannot compete with those sort of big wigs and are left to figure out smart ways to get the target traffic through our store’s front. It is more fun and exciting doing it the smart way anyways to let’s get started on the three basic no-fail principles for keyword targeting.


  1. Give Them a Long Tail: 
    Most shoppers do not put “comfy sofas” in search engines to look for a particular design of sofa available in a particular geographical location. A typical shopper would enter a query like, “comfy resale sofas on discount for Christmas 2014 in the Melbourne downtown area” in a search engine. They know the more specific they are the better their chances of landing on the right site. It is simple if your target demo is going after long-tailed keywords, put yourself in their shoes and target those keywords as a marketer.


  1. Domain Buys:
    Buying an exact match domain to a powerful keyword is gold, but sadly its also close to impossible. You want to use your savvy marketing sense, and use your long-tail keywords as part of your domain name to maximize SEO.


  1. Content Creation: 
    Do not spam, but use your keywords intelligently with your content and Meta tags sections for maximum effect. As the age of information reaches its infancy the search engine spiders are getting ever more intelligent about picking up spam. You do not want these spiders to reject your content and not index it for the world to see. Instead give reader driven quality content based around your target keywords that the readers and search engine spiders would appreciate alike.


It’s as easy as that. There is no reason for you to buy expensive software and/or pay individuals to find these keywords for you. From experience, I can relate that the most valuable keywords in terms of profits will come from your head. If these “gurus” had these golden or magical keywords they should be wise enough to use them.


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