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How To Win The Affiliate Marketing Game With 2 Simple Marketing Strategies

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Before we begin to talk about how to win at affiliate marketing, we must first take a moment to understand what affiliate marketing is:


An affiliate marketer’s job is to market and promote other peoples products for a percentage of the sale known as a "commission". You are an "affiliate" by association of the product, and the act of marketing the product makes you an "affiliate marketer".


There are tons of great affiliates out there, but few great "marketers".


What's the difference?


Great marketers make money for the product creator, therefore making money for oneself. While the other is like the wallflower at a party, waiting around for some one to ask them to a dance. My goal is to get you on to the dance floor partying like “no one’s is looking”.


It starts with knowing what works driving traffic as an affiliate. In this article, we're focusing on 3 methods that DO work starting with:


1. Blog Marketing: One of the best FREE ways an affiliate marketer can get started making income in a relatively medium-to-long period of time. 


A few great examples I can think of are Yaro Starak and John Chow.


Check out their blogs if you want to discover how these two make 5 figure paychecks every month like clockwork.


2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing: This is the BEST direct online marketing campaign next to offline marketing itself. There is nothing else that comes remotely close to the results you can get with PPC, specifically Google PPC. 


PPC marketing is a beast all on it's own, so I recommend picking up Perry Marshalls books and courses to get a firm grasp on everything PPC.


3. Offline Marketing: Right now there's a lot of buzz about Internet marketing that isn't likely to change anytime soon. What this means to you is this, you can sneak in from under the radar and dominate your online niche promoting your business using offline methods like magazine ads, newspaper ads, postcards, and word-of-mouth. 


Many successful online marketers routinely use offline methods to generate the bulk of their sales online because of the severe lack of competition. Ironically, a lot of clueless online marketers assume offline methods are "dead" or extinct.


Try telling that to the guy or gal down the street who's pulling in $50,000 a month with a few simple phone calls to the post office.


There's a good reason why making money online is a fast and simple way to reach your financial goals -- and I just named "three" of them.  Affiliate marketing is a beast waiting to be tamed by smart marketers like yourself using the marketing methods above. Seriously, it doesn't need to be complicated; it just needs you to take action on what's proven to have worked over the last decade. 

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