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Mobile marketing is quickly becoming the new way to advertise any business. While many people still own a home P.C, millions more are carrying smaller technology around to help them in the day to day business success. Smart phones and tablets are taking over the old home computer.  


Millions of businesses are now realizing the huge and ever-growing market that can be advertised directly to smart phones; 98% of all people have some form of smart device that they carry with them all the time which means you are much more likely to reach people when you advertise to these devices. 


Google is aware of this advancement and have created Huddle. Huddle allows you to contact people in your groups and circles through a text based conversation. For people trying to conduct business this can be a very effective tool. You may be out-of-state, but still able to connect with other business people and employees by simply using Huddle. 


Not every person in your circle needs to be included in your text messaging. You may use Huddle for just one particular circle. Think about this for a second. There may be an emergency in your office and a resolution needs to happen almost immediately. Through Huddle you will be able to contact a single individual or a whole department to resolve the problem. 


A Huddle circle can also be set up according to specific customers, types of business and product lines. 

You can also offer discounts and other promotional products to enhance your business. Other people in your circle can then help you promote what you are trying to achieve. You can also let followers know where you checked in, the restaurant you are eating dinner at or if you're pumping gas at the local station. You may even wish to give your favorite restaurant a review. 


Texting has pretty much taken over the way of e-mail. As was previously mentioned smart phones and similar technology can now be carried with people everywhere in the world. There is no need to go home and type up an e-mail, when you can simply text a message to a Google Huddle circle.


You could easily become the local guru with the latest updates and information by texting to your Huddle circles. People will quickly become interested in what you have to say by your regular text messages. Eventually other people in your circles will add you and your messages to their collection of followers.  


You may be a restaurant owner and want to promote a special or have a coupon that can attract more business to your restaurant. Using Google Huddle can increase your business tremendously. Followers who see what you are offering as the daily special will more than likely want to eat at your restaurant, especially if they are in your local area. 


For more information on how to set up followers using Google Huddle, click on this link: 


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