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How Micro-Jobbers Can Get a Piece of the Holiday Money Making Pie


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One of the easiest ways to making money online for any holiday is through picking up small gigs or micro-jobs through websites like To make a neat sum of money you probably don’t need a degree or training for a special skill set. All you need is your creativity and a marketable asset. This asset could even be that you are not easily embarrassed. Just need to market it right, and you’ll be making silly videos or recordings dancing around in a kitty suit and making a lot of money doing it.


Who knows, you might even enjoy the process! There are several ways you can make money through small gigs and here are a few ideas to get your creative ball rolling:


  • E-book/ Short report creation 
  • Content generation (graphics) 
  • Video testimonials 
  • Personalized holiday messages 
  • Handmade holiday crafts 
  • Content generation (articles, blogs etc.) 
  • Novelty items 
  • Voice over recording 
  • Advice sessions with expert 
  • Video creation (animation, packaging etc.) 
  • Data entry 
  • SEO jobs (backlinks. Keyword research, analytics set up etc.) 
  • Tutoring sessions 
  • Logo creation 


These are just a few ways you can create a bit of supplement income for any holiday. The key to listing a successful gig with website like is getting good feedback. How do you receive positive feedback? Its these three things, Firstly, deliver on the quality you promised in the gig. Secondly, deliver on time. Seriously, nothing makes you  look more unprofessional then missing a deadline on a micro job. Lastly, provide service with a smile even with “difficult” clients.


Use kid gloves when dealing with clients and be respectful when asking for feedback. With a combination of these three qualities and an interesting gig you are bound to make at least a few hundred bucks in a matter of days.


If you think ahead and use the micro job like a “lead-miner” you might be able to upsell and increase your profits. What this means is you will harness the traffic you receive through the micro job website and feed it to your main site or blog. Offer them additional services you think they will be interested in. E.g. if a client bought handmade Easter Eggs, they might also be interested in an Easter Basket with a larger assortment of hand decorated eggs, wooly bunny ears, an assortment of Peeps etc.


No matter what your area of expertise or your lack of experience or training you can make a handful of extra cash using the many micro job websites popping up on the web.


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