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Think about what got YOU to open and read this blog or article. In fact, I want you to think about what gets you to still pick up a newspaper in your local gas station for that matter.  Is it really because of the story, or the headline? What draws you in FIRST before you read the story? 


Exactly. The headline. Or, in your case -- the “Blog Title”.  


In the blog world, what helps us determine if something’s worth our time reading or not is determined by how inciting the blog title is BEFORE we invest our time to “find out more”. 


Here are a few base blog headline templates many others and I use, you can use for yourself in your own blog titles (regardless of which niche market your in): 


  1. Why You Can’t Afford Not To _______________  


  1. (Number goes here) Ways To Easily _______________  


  1. The Number #1 Reason Why _______________  


  1. _______________ REALLY Pissed Me Off  


  1. How To Tell If Your ____________ Is Going To ____________  


  1. How To Have The Confidence Of A Lion Every Time You ____________  


  1. The Top 10 Questions Every ____________ Should Ask Before They __________  


  1. Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be A ____________?  


  1. How To Avoid Liars And Cheats In The ____________ Industry  


  1. The Strangest Formula To Success In ____________  


  1. Truth About ____________ Will SHOCK You To Your Core  


  1. How To Avoid These Common ____________ Mistakes  


  1. How To Hijack Your _________ Brain So That They’ll _________  


  1. Are YOU Making Any Of These ### Cardinal Sins?   


  1. ### Reasons Why You Might Want To Try ____________  


  1. Almost Zero Skills Required To ____________  


  1. How Many Of These Sacred ____________ Rules Are YOU Breaking?  


  1. ### Reasons Why You Should Start _________ Right Now   


  1. BEWARE: ____________ May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be -- Here’s Why  


  1. The Complete Guide To ____________   


These templates aren’t meant to be followed exactly (although, you can if you’re lazy like me), but I recommend mixing and matching some of these templates to fit your writing style that makes since for each blog post you create. But… 


Thats just the tip of the iceberg. 


I recommend checking out [Barrel Loads Of Blog Traffic] to discover more blogging methods that kick butt.


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