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In the last [blog/article] “Heres My Auto-Blogging Formula Success Secret” I touched on 2 of my auto-blogging secrets that have made many of my fellow online marketers a small fortune. Yet… 


I didn’t quite get spill all the secrets from the ramblings, I have going on in my head, and today I want to conclude this [blog post/article] by wrapping it up in a nice bow for you to gently unwrap and use them to your benefit if auto-blogging is a online business you want to pursue: 


Tip #3: Automation Tools Will Save You A Lot Of Time -- Some software works as advertised, some work better than others, while many of them are junk. 


In situations where the tool is inferior, programmers have a tendency to prey on new online marketers because they don’t know any better -- yet.  


1. Find a tool that works as advertised or 2. Hire someone to create one for you and perhaps eventually sell to a large audience.  


If you do come across software that works as advertised (or better), there are basically two ways you can get access to it: 


Tip #4: You Get Out, What You Put In -- Really. Think About This:  


If auto-blogging were as “hands off and easy money” as most would think, does it make sense for people to continue choosing to make money in different ways online? 


To build lists? To write original content for blogs? To sell affiliate products using review websites? To do online consulting? 


Auto-blogging is like any other online system out there -- it takes effort to get it up and going. In other words… 


You do get what you put in. Nothing more. Nothing less. And with that, this concludes this [blog/article] series. But… 


This was just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more cool blogging methods, strategies, and techniques, check out [Barrel Loads Of Blog Traffic]


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