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Here’s My Auto-Blogging Formula Success Secret…


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Does a Cuban cigar have the same effect without tobacco? 


Does grape wine taste the same without alcohol? 


And does a Ferrari have the same thrill without a 220 MPH top speed? 


I doubt it. Why? 


All the above scenarios contain a “secret”. A special ingredient that makes it all work in the end -- because without alcohol mixed with wine, or a Ferrari without the speed of a cheetah…  


It just doesn’t work. 


Naturally, your next question would be something like, “If that’s the case, what makes auto-blogging work in the first place? What’s the secret ingredient in THAT formula?” 


A fair question! Although, I suspect it will no longer be much of a secret if I told you, but in spite of that I’ll give you a few tips off the top of my head I learned along the way that will give you a huge head start above and beyond your competition: 


Oh, and one last thing -- If you can help it, keep these tips to yourself.  


It took time to put all this together for you so you can have a better than average shot at succeeding with auto-blogging. Anyhow, let’s get started: 


Tip #1: It’s A “Numbers Game” -- In other words, the more auto-blogs you setup the right way, the better your odds of hitting a home run (and maybe 1 or 2 singles and doubles along the way), and the more money you make. 


Even if you setup an auto-blog based off a previous or current model that’s working for you now, there is still no guarantee success will repeat it. What you do in one niche won’t translate the same in another one where the audience reacts differently to your auto-blog content. 


The most successful auto loggers are the ones who keep stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat for homeruns. Sure, you’ll strike out more times than not, but you’ll have twice as many financial victories under your belt. 


Tip #2: You Can NOT Totally Rely On “AdSense” For Income -- Because not every blog you set up is going to produce much, if any, AdSense income. 


Just because one marketer is successfully using AdSense as his or her primary source of income for their auto-blogs doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you. It largely depends on a number of factors that are too wide to cover here. 


An open-mind is critical to success with auto-blogging because when one common way of making money doesn’t work, doesn’t mean another one will not.  


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