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Here’s How To Write Kick Ass Product Reviews Without Ever Buying It  


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That’s no typo. 


It’s true. There IS a legal, and ethical way to write reviews for products you’ve never seen, and products you never have to buy. But I‘ll make you a deal: 


Instead of talking out of my butt -- why don’t I just prove it to ya’ instead? Okay? Great. but… 


There IS a small catch. And it’s this… 


This method works best for products that’s been out in the marketplace for a while -- especially PHYSICAL products. And, it DOES take a bit more work than giving canned responses like, “I bought this and used it, here’s how to buy!” 


But don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. 


First, do a little research to discover what your target market FEEL is important. 


For example, Product A might be the best in the market, but being the “best” won’t make you money if no one cares about it.  


And how do you find the best SELLING product on the market? Here’s how: go to sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and others. Take notes of customer reviews for different makes and models of the product. Keep an eye out for compliments and complaints that are similar. 


Secondly, take time to dig deep into the product itself. You can start with manufactures website and skim through the manual (if available).  


Last, write the review. 


Remember, you’re writing this review based of other peoples positive and negative experiences, so you should admit that upfront in the first few sentences of your review. 


Spend the next 2 or 3 sentences talking about the depth of your research listing criteria used to evaluate the product. Rate the product on a scale or star ranking based on both user comments and your own research. 


And, don’t forget…end the review with a STRONG call-to-action like: “read more actual user comments and buy product A by clicking here”  


For advanced, ninja-like product review methods -- check out [Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy] where I show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models.  


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