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Got 7 Minutes? Here’s How To Get 100+ Customers For Your Membership Site In Less Than 90 Days  


Massive Membership Site Profits


In this [blog/article], I’m going to give you one of my favorite membership building plans you can use (for free) to build a mini-empire that’ll make your neighbors jealous with envy of your success, starting with… 


Step 1: Get membership site up and ready to go to content that’ll blow customers away. 


Step 2: Create content for first 80 days (or outsource it to someone just as capable to provide excellent content) so you can focus on marketing your membership site. 


Step 3: Buy re-sell rights, create or search for FREE (but HIGH quality) digital niche related gifts to give away as incentives to your visitors who opt-in to your squeeze page and paid membership sign-up. 


Step 4: Launch membership website with PREMIUM membership “turned-off” (people want what they can’t have, and if you put a time-limit or give an official launch date it’ll build curiosity and urge to buy) 


Step 5: Drive MORE traffic to your website to get more visitors to opt-in for your free gift using the free “bait” mentioned in step 3 above. In the meantime, tease your active sub-scribers of all the benefits they’ll get with a paid membership without launching just yet. 


Step 6: Setup joint partnerships with other bloggers, online publishers, membership site owners, and list owners related to your niche market to drive even more traffic. 


Step 7: Plan a MAJOR event (teleseminar or webinar) announcing the launch of your membership sign-up to a “few lucky individuals” -- also, consider putting a cap on the amount of people you will allow into your membership (ex. First 50 people only) 


Step 8: Create an offer so “irresistible”, you IRRITATE your subscribers and force them to make you “spill the beans” so they can get in today and be one of the first to join your membership! (quality of the membership and contents inside must greatly exceed their expectations -- so, don’t make promises you can’t keep) 


Step 9: Host the actual event (tele-seminar or webinar), offer “home run content” to your subscribers, and give them reasons to join your membership within a limited time frame window for a special discount or extra bonus for early bird premium members. 


Step 10: Treat your premium members like human beings (not walking, talking monthly cash machines) and THEY will do most (if not ALL) of the future selling for you while you sit back, relax, and run your successful membership site. 


There you have it. A solid 10-step plan you can implement immediately to achieve the financial results you want -- all in less than 7 minutes. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits)


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