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Google Trends is a Marketer’s Dream Come True


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If you don’t keep up with the fast paced world of online marketing, you will get left behind. Because of this, staying up to date on the latest advertising and marketing “best practices” is an integral part of any savvy marketer’s workweek. There are thousands of new articles published every week that can be perused including search engine optimization secrets, social media marketing methods and the best new advertising tips. One thing you won’t find very much information about is Google Trends.  


Google Trends is a free online tool that is so powerful that even brokers use it to help them determine stock market activities. But the most successful online marketers don’t like to share this important resource because of the implications it holds if their competitors get their hands on it. Since Google Trends is a resource unlike any other, it has the ability to help you get and stay at the top of the market no matter what types of products or services you sell. 


How Google Trends works is, everyday searches done by internet users are computed in order to determine how many searches have been done for any particular keyword or keyword phrase, how it relates to the total number of searches done overall, historical data and it also includes forecasting capabilities. It allows for up to five keywords or phrases to be compared simultaneously. The information that is displayed from this type of research is reflected in easy to read graphs that you can also download and open in a spreadsheet in order to further analyze. 


There are also pages in Google Trends that show you the top 40 searches of the day, in real time, and another page that shows “Top Charts”. Top Charts are also calculated in real time and allows you to search on the most trending topics in categories such as sports teams, foods, entertainment and other hot topics. There is simply no other better way to find out what people are looking for. As a marketer or someone who is just getting started with online marketing, you know that taking advantage of what people are looking for, using the exact same words they are using for their searches, is like money in the bank. 


Now that the cat is out of the bag about Google Trends, you will want to learn as much as you can about it before your competitors start taking advantage of it before you. When you find out the many ways to use Google Trends and start to implement them into your daily routine you will notice a huge increase in the success of your money making efforts. You may decide to keep that a secret of your own! 


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