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Making money as a blogger has become one of the “rights of passage” for many super affiliates, and later product owners. The blog is where everyone gets started, dips their feet in the free online money making market to see if its for them. As more and more bloggers turn to affiliate marketing as a way for monetizing their blogs; blog service providers like Wordpress are evolving to meet the growing need for affiliate integration into blogs.


There are a number of efficient Wordpress plugins that help make our lives easier as affiliate marketers and bloggers. Here, we have a complied a list of some of the best integrative and analytical affiliate plugins you can install with Wordpress to help cloak affiliate links, create recommendations based on customer’s preferences, best seller’s lists within your niche and many other useful built-in features.


These affiliate plugins will help you integrate affiliate links within your blog and get the most out of your Amazon and/or Click Bank links:


  1. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer:
    This is a simple and practical affiliate link cloaker that redirects your readers to their local amazon stores and whatever they buy once they are there you earn a commission on.
  2. Amazon Auto Links:
    This is a great plugin to keep your links up-to-date. This affiliate plugin is especially useful in niches where there are new products coming out weekly, if not daily. To be honest that is just about every niche, whether you are in the weight loss niche or crystal decorative animal collector’s niche you could use a little automation to keep your blog and links up-to-date. This plugin works by generating links of new products available on Amazon as they are published on the site.
  3. Amazon Affiliate Shop:
    Is a very popular free plugin to get bloggers started on organizing and integrating their affiliate links within the blog. It is one of the best plugins to get you setup and make your affiliate life easier by facilitating you in searching and adding new, related products to your posts with your affiliate link.
  4. Easy Amazon Wishlist:
    This is an easy to use plugin that helps you create and control the appearance of wish lists related to your niche. Efficiently hiding or “cloaking” your affiliate links under them.
  5. Clickbank Niche Storefront:
    This is a great plugin that supports Clickbank affiliate products by creating personalized storefronts within your blog. It is as the name suggests a Clickbank storefront that is niche oriented.
  6. ITunes Affiliates Pro:
    This is a plugin to integrate your iTunes affiliate links easily and with iTunes affiliate links there are not many options of plugins to choose from. Meaning this is your safest bet on integrating cloaked affiliates links within your blog.

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