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Five Step System to Make Money This Week with Google Trends


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You could see money showing up in your bank account or PayPal account in as little as a week just by doing a few simple steps to make money online, even if you’ve never tried to make an income from online sales in the past. All you need to do is work through this five step system. With this system, there is no limit on the amount of money you can make. The good news with this is you don’t have to invest a dime. 


Five-Step System to Make Money This Week with Google Trends  


1. Research Google Trends  

Google Trends has several ways you can quickly and easily search for “What’s Hot” news for any type of topic. You can view the “Hot Searches”, peruse the “Top Charts” or “Explore” by searching on keywords that you are most interested in getting the hottest information about. When you use these trends strategically, you will be able to make sure people are finding you and your products that you want to sell. 


2. Create a Product or Become an Affiliate 

When you find a Google Trend you would like to use for your moneymaking efforts, you need to monetize it. Some people create their own products such as eBooks or videos and sell those. Other people become affiliates and make money from selling other people’s products. Either way, when you are savvy about matching the right Google Trend up to the right product, you stand to make some excellent cash. 


3. Create a sales page or blog post 

After finding the Google Trends hot news that you want to use and have matched a product up to it, crafting a high quality sales page or blog post is next in line. There are several free blog services you can use in order to create and publish either one of these sales tools. When you add the right keywords and visual appeal, along with well-crafted words, you are one step closer to brining in an income. 


4. Market and advertise  

When you have your Google Trends content posted, it’s time to make sure people know where they can find it. Since you are using information about a Hot Trend, you all ready know people want to find out more about it. There are a number of ways you can market and advertise online such as using social media marketing, PPC ads or even commenting on other people’s blogs. 


5. Repeat process as often as you want 

Finding a Google Trend that you can quickly and easily monetize, finding the right product, publishing content and gaining traffic is all you need to do to start making sales. You can repeat this system as often as you like to keep money pouring in. This quick and easy five-step system for making money online is what some of the top marketers are doing to make money online, and now you can do it too! 


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