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Fire Your Boss And Replace Your Income With Video Reviews In Less than 24 Minutes  


Profit Pulling Reviews


Have you ever been caught off guard with an unexpected bill, looming debt, or sudden loan you needed to give to a family or friend for an emergency? 


Of course you have. We ALL have (myself included).  


In the next 3 minutes, I’m going to show you how to replace your income and “fire your “boss by showing you how to use one my fast and easy methods to earn fast income in less than 24 minutes or so. 


Starting with buying or requesting a review copy of the product you’re going to promote.  


I’m sure you would agree, that it’s hard to promote a product you’ve never used or seen yourself. What’s more, people “sense” when you’re being less than honest with them and you’ll generate fewer sales if you try to pretend you’re happily using the product even if your not. 


Ever tried telling a little white lie and almost NEVER getting away with it? Yep. It’s kind of like that.  


Realistically, you’re not going to “buy” every product you want to promote if you’re on a tight budget (and you don’t have to), but you can ask for a review copy or simply do a ton of research on both the positives and negatives of the product. 


Which leads nicely into reading, watching, and carefully “putting the product through its paces”.  As you carefully scan each and every corner of the product your promoting, take notes on all the minor and major details -- both good, AND bad. 


Finally, create a video review of the product and post it on video sharing sites. You have two choices: Either you take a camera and film yourself doing the review or you do a simple voice over using the free screen capture software -- CamStudio. 


After doing that, you want to put it all over the place like Youtube, MetaCafe, and Veoh. 


For advanced, ninja-like product review methods -- check out [Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy] where I will show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models.


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