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If you want to build a highly converting list, then you must be prepared to offer your subscribers something they want and something they will consider valuable.  For example, in order to provide a little extra incentive for joining your list you could offer them a monthly newsletter full of tips, rewards, techniques and valuable information that provides them with solutions to their problem.  For example, if you are focusing on the anti-aging niche, you could provide the latest tips to stay young and healthy along with a new recipe full of anti-aging vitamins and minerals.  Whatever you are offering in your list building campaign, it should be so enticing that your subscribers sign up immediately.


So what kind of gift should you offer?  Well, the answer differs depending on your target audience.  Only by studying your target audience can you hope to discover the gift they'll find most enticing.  Start by asking yourself these two questions:


1.    What kind of problem is my target audience facing that I can solve? 

2.    What kind of information is my target audience actively searching for?


Make sure you are providing value.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression and your free gift is just that.  It is the first piece a material that your subscribers will use to form an opinion about your business.  Just because it is a free gift, doesn’t mean it should be low quality or worthless.  Instead focus on providing top quality e-reports, images, videos, etc.  A good rule of thumb is to give them a $40 value.  You want subscribers to think, “Wow, if this is the free stuff, image what the paid stuff is like!” 


Some common examples of free gifts include:


·         A free report on a ebook

·         A free tutorial series

·          Valuable software

·         Free webinar or podcast

·         An educational video

·         Tools or templates used in your niche

·         Free trial or access to private members area

·         Brandable materials

·          Private Label Rights (PLR) content

·         Free CD or DVD


You need to know as much about your target audience as possible in order to maximize your list building efforts and cater to your list.  Once you know exactly what your market is searching for you can custom tailor your e-reports, articles, sales copy, and auto-responders directly to them to create highly targeted offers.  And of course along with highly targeted offers come high conversion rates and increased profits!


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