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Earn A Small Fortune With These 3 Money Making Conduit Review Method Niches


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Give yourself a huge pat on the back… you’ve finally taken action on using the “Conduit Method (by Chris Rempel) to make a small fortune for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. But, before I can celebrate your success in making a decision to MAKE money online with a method powerful enough to earn you a modest $50-$100 per day, you need a niche to target that have barrels full of buyers -- starting with… 


** The FOREX Market **  


Conduit Review Sites in this niche market can pull as low as 1 or 2 sales a day to as many as 5 to 10 on a “consistent” basis for one reason: People interested or actively making money in Forex alreadyHAVE money to spend and they want to spend more (even if they already make a lot) to get better and get a better edge. 


** The Diet Pill Market **  


If you can imagine, this market will ALWAYS bring home the bacon (no pun intended). 


Depending on how you personally feel about diet, weight loss pills, you may or may not object to selling it -- because the general thought process is that, their all scams (when in fact, there are a few legit diet pills out there). 


Before promoting these pills check with the FCC and gather as much user information as possible. Of the three markets listed, this is the “toughest” to break into. Therefore, I would recommend it for advance conduit method users only. 


** The Exercise & Fitness Market **  


The easiest of the 3 niches, to focus on making money from, this niche, focuses on marketing information through e-books OR physical equipment. 


Personally, I like e-books and digital products, because they convertHIGHER than the physical products but physical products are an easier sale.  


Some niches you may know a thing or two about, some you won’t, and maybe none of them at all. -- Whatever the case…LEARN ‘EM.  


It’s well worth the effort.  


For advanced, ninja-like product review methods -- check out [Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy] where I show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models.


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