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Do NOT Read This Article Marketing Tip...Unless You Want To Make Money

Communication is Content Clout

There's one lesson I want you, an article marketer, to totally understand:

Take everything you've read, studied, watched or listened to about article marketing with a grain of salt.

In article marketing, different niches need different approaches for it to be profitable for you. If it were as simple as "copy n' paste", everyone would be doing it -- AND making money.

You really do have to know your target audience and what style they respond best to if you want a successful article-marketing career. For example, if I were writing an article about fighting diabetes or cancer I would take a more serious tone with that audience.

Keep in mind your not writing for yourself. Writing for yourself doesn't make you money, but writing for other people with your target buyer in mind "does". Learn how to put your self in their shoes before you put a single word on the computer screen. Think like you are your own customer.

I agree with you, it would be awesome if there was a "one-size-fits-all" article marketing plan, but then I wouldn't be telling you the truth about the realities behind what it takes to make this marketing strategy work for you.

If you look around long enough, you'll notice articles at with bland and boring articles and resource boxes (call-2-action). For this person, in this niche and with that topic -- it works, going against traditional thinking that the articles need to be exciting and mind-blowing.

They don't. At least, not for some niches anyway.

You have to test everything before you jump in the lake. Before you swim across you need to train your body to withstand hypothermia and deal with exhaustion. You need to make it on the other side of that lake successfully, in the same way you have to approach your article marketing.

Testing will give you the honest results you need to find out what works for your niche.

That's why I recommend all my students to stick with ONE niche, master it, before going for another one because great niches do not all think alike.

It's common to use the "FREE REPORT" device to drive leads, but what if your niche could care less about a free report and want to buy the solution to their problem -- now?

Again, you don't really know what your niche wants or needs for you to speak to them in their language. When you accomplish this, you can dominate it with a series of well placed articles that get massive amounts of traffic, sales, and attention.

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