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Develop or Park Your Domain Names?  


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If you are in the business of reselling domain names, you may have an extensive portfolio of domains. The question is, though, what you should do with those domain names while waiting for a buyer? Should you just let them sit there? Or should you try and make a little extra cash by developing or parking them? It’s really up to you but, generally, you’ll probably want to maximize your earnings on each and every domain, so you probably want to at least consider parking them.


Parking Domain Names 


Parking a domain means that whenever someone lands on that specific URL, they will see a page of advertisements related to the domain name. So, a domain name that is related to electronics will feature ads with appliances, for example.


While you won’t become rich from the earnings these types of ads generate, you can still make a few dollars here and there. Additionally, it will also give you an idea of the amount of traffic the URL alone generates and you might find that it’s more lucrative to keep and develop the site instead of selling it.


It can also help you negotiate a better deal when you do find a buyer because you can offer them proof of traffic and earnings on a site that hasn’t even been developed! You can make a lot more money with this approach when selling domain names.


Developing Your Domain Names 


If you’ve registered a domain name with a particularly juicy keyword, then you might consider developing it for yourself. Yes, you might be in the business of selling domain names but it doesn’t hurt to have alternate sources of income, especially if they are mostly passive.


Selling domain names is definitely a lucrative business, but it is also risky, which is why it is essential that you have alternate sources of income. If you aren’t relying fully on your domain name selling business for cash to live on, then you can also hold out longer and find better deals for the domain names you are selling.


And don’t forget, if you develop the domain and it starts generating some decent cash, you can sell the whole site for a lot more than you could if you were just selling the domain itself.


Choosing whether to park or develop your domain names is a matter of what your goals are. However, you should consider one or the other as they will help maximize your profitability. Just leaving a domain name to hang until you sell it means you are leaving money on the table and is certainly not a good approach for any entrepreneur.


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