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For the past few years, content has been king when it comes to what is the best way to build an online presence and make money online. What that means is publishing high quality blog posts, articles, press releases, videos and other online material that people are going to want to have access to. It’s one of the top ways that the search engines decide how valuable a resource you are. The more valuable they rate you, the higher up you are placed and the more traffic you get - without spending a dime. 


High quality content not only helps you climb up to the top of the search engines, but it sets you apart as an expert in your particular market. As you know, people automatically have more trust and will be more likely to spend money on products and services that are offered by someone who is looked up to as an expert. Establishing yourself in that fashion can make sure your online money making efforts reach their highest potential for success. 


The tricky part about publishing that high quality content is figuring out how to craft it in a way that is valuable to both readers and to search engines. Also, coming up with new topics on a consistent basis can become challenging. When you are able to know what to write about on a consistent basis though, you can gain the full benefits for the time it takes to create and publish it. Google Trends helps you make sure you are doing that because it delivers real time information about what the trends and most important keywords are for those trends. You simply need to do a few quick searches on the topic you want to write about, and Google trends will do the rest. 


When you create content based on what people are most searching for, you will begin to gain additional traffic that will significantly increase your sales numbers. Plus, since you are writing about the hottest topics in your industry, you will create the image that you must be an expert to know all the latest information which also goes a long way to boost sales. To further help this effort out, you will want to combine social media marketing and strategic use of links and keywords. Since much of this type of work can be built into your website automatically, it is not as time consuming as it may sound. 


When you are able to create high quality content with Google Trends on a consistent basis, and combine it with social media marketing and SEO; that is when your online marketing efforts will really start paying off. You don’t even have to be an experienced Internet marketer to make use of this free tool either, so you can immediately become competitive with some of the top marketers in your industry. 


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