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Common Sense Ways to Attract and Secure Traffic During the Holiday Season



There are millions of people who access the web everyday only for the simple pleasure of online shopping. Sipping on their hot-chocolates snuggled up in their pajamas just looking for a great deal or bargain.  This is just the regular weekday the number of online shoppers picks up dramatically during weekends and theatrically during the major holidays. To the point where it seems like every person surfing the web the night before Valentine’s is searching for the perfect deals on something special for their loved ones.


With the evolving times shoppers too are getting wiser and frankly a little jaded with the typical online marketing ploys.  It’s not as easy to have them open their wallets as it was a few years ago. Most shoppers today want to look, poke, test, think, compare, and review before they even think to buy something. This can be a good thing and a bad thing if you are not interested in creating quality content.


If you are interested in putting up multiple sites and blogs with no real content or personality do not complain about the lack of interest from willing buyers. Shoppers expect a little elbow grease in the form of customer service and content creation before they can buy from you or buy something based on your recommendation.


If you are really invest time and effort into your online shop people will notice and the chances of them buying through you get better. A few simple yet smart things you can do to give your website more personality and interactivity.


  1. The content you create or publish should not be rubbish but provide actual insight into the product or niche you are promoting. 
  2. Use social media to drive followers to your shop where they cannot only interact with you, but with your business. 
  3. Make your site more reliable and trustworthy by obtaining security certificates and anti-virus protection. 
  4. Create a mobile version, a tablet version and even an app for your business so that anyone can assess it properly at all times. 
  5. Offer some form of customer service, either it be for a few hours everyday on the phone or 24 hrs. through email. Just offering customer service makes your business look that much more reliable, professional and trustworthy. 


Following these easy guidelines you should be able to attract traffic that is there to stay and convert. Not like traffic that thinks its opened the wrong page and leave within seconds of landing on your site. This is the difference between websites that are here to stay and those that are only interested in a quick buck.


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