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Common Problems People Encounter While List Building  


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Building an online business can be very demanding and tedious.  Between trying to increase traffic to your website, write new blogs, articles, and press releases, and update all of your social networking sites you may not even have time to focus on the most important method of all, list building.  List building is the easiest way to connect with people who are not only actively seeking a solution to a particular problem, but also are also interested in the results your product can provide.


Benefits of List Building 


List building is simply collecting email addresses of current and potential customers and saving them in some type of database.  This way you can contact them whenever you need to introduce a new product or service, suggest strategies that will help them reach their goal, or simply provide valuable content.  By placing an email capture form on your weight loss page that says, “Sign Up For A Free EBook On The Top Secrets To Weight Loss!” you can be sure that everyone who signs up is interested in weight loss solutions already.  You don’t have to ‘hope’ that they are interested in your products; they have already chosen to learn more about it!  This is why list building is so crucial to running a successful online marketing campaign; it takes out the guesswork.  You won’t need to completely rely on pay-per-click or traffic generation, you can simply send out emails to targeted subscribers to tell them about your products.


Common Pitfalls 


The key to successfully building a list is quality, not quantity.  You need to prove to your subscribers that you know what you’re talking about.  Don’t try to just sell, sell, and sell.  Give them free information that they find valuable, and occasionally introduce your products as a means of solving their problems.  You can’t build an effective list overnight, it takes time, hard work, and excellent email content.  The most common pitfalls of list building include:


·         Not Utilizing Autoresponder orAutomated  Email 



·         Poorly Written or Unprofessional Autoresponders


·         Pitching Your Products Too Often or Not Often Enough


·          Abandoning Your List and Becoming Forgotten By

           Your Subscriber


·         Sending Irrelevant Information


·         Being Lazy!


Each of these obstacles can be easily overcome, as long as you are not guilty of the final offense:  Being lazy!  You will need to stay focused in order to build a successful list.  It is also a good idea to find a mentor or teacher of some kind that is experienced and can keep you on track so your list building efforts aren't wasted. 


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