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Forget about all the broken methods. Give the middle finger to bad systems. And, say “hello” to a system where it practically sells…itself. 


I know, I know. Sounds a little far-fetched. And, I admit it is. But, this isn’t some hooky pooky theory. There’s TRUTH to that statement. Let me ask you a quick question: When was the last time you felt you were being “sold” something you already wanted to buy in the first place? 


When you walk into a car dealership, do you not have desires to drive your dream car off the showroom floor? Of course you have. So do I. And, we DON’T need a salesman to help us SEE what we already want. Because…A GOOD salesperson’s job is to helpLINK you to your desires -- desires he didNOT put into you -- but that you put in yourself. 


Their job is to be the genuine, trustworthy “adviser” in helping you get what you want without burning you in the process (although, we all know the reputation of car sales people these days). 


TheBEST car sales people get repeat business because of one word: TRUST


Sometimes, they’ll recommend one car over another if they genuinely feel it could put you at serious risk of monthly payments to high for your budget to maintain -- even IF it costs them extra commissions from the bigger sale upfront -- you better believe you will introduce him to some of your friends and family for his TRUSTWORTHINESS


Do you follow me so far? Good. Because it works the SAME way when writing genuine reviews to help people make the decision to buy from you multiple times in the long run  


Of course, that’s just the TIP of the Alaskan iceberg and there’s more to it beneath the surface I couldn’t cover all here at once, so… 


For advanced, ninja-like product review methods -- check out [Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy] where I show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models.  


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