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Choosing the Right Domain Names 

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Selling domain names have become an incredibly lucrative business and it’s not hard to see why. A domain is the equivalent of a business’ street address online and it has been discovered that many people tend to type in their query into their browser bar rather than run a search, meaning the value of the right domain name is incredibly high. Thus, if one knows how to choose the right domain names, they can make a sizeable profit. But, how does one go about choosing domain names to ensure a profit?


Keep It Short and Sweet 


Domain names that are short will always bring a higher profit simply because they are easier to remember, especially in casual conversation. Everyone wants a simple domain name that is easy to remember because it increases the likelihood of direct traffic, in other words people typing the address right into their browser bar instead of running a search.


So, the shorter the domain name and the easier it is to remember, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers.


Avoid Separators  


Continuing along the lines of a domain name that is easy to remember, you need to avoid using separators in the name you choose. In other words, is much more valuable than First of all, people are likely to forget the separator when they type the address in, which will lead them to a different site. Secondly, it is simpler to mention a URL without a separator in casual conversation and certainly easier to remember.


Stick to Generic Product Names 


Trademarks can be a serious issue and the last thing you need is to be slapped with a law suit because you decided to register domain names that contain trademarks. No, you won’t get Apple calling you up, offering you millions of dollars for the set of domain names that includes iPhone or iPad. In fact, quite the opposite. So, if you want to increase your chances of success, avoid trademarks as they are more trouble than they are worth.


You’ll be much safer sticking to generic product categories when registering domain names.


TLDs Are More Profitable 


Generally, you will find that top-level domain names are more profitable. Thus, stick to .com, .org and .net whenever possible. Of course, you can still make a sizeable profit with geo-targeted domains but, at first, you are better off sticking to TLDs. Once you gain some experience with domain speculation, you can branch out into other types of domain names.


Selling domain names can be highly profitable but the amount of money you make is determined by your ability to choose domains people want to buy. So, if you keep them short and sweet, avoid using separators and trademarks, and stick to TLDs at first, you will greatly increase your chances of success.


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