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Can You Make Money with StumbleUpon? 


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As an Internet marketer, it’s natural to be sceptical of any system that claims it can generate traffic and money for you. After all, if you were to lay credence to every ad you saw for a new, shiny Internet marketing system that’s guaranteed to make you a fortune overnight, then you would never get any work done. However, StumbleUpon can get you the results you want without too much effort on your part.


Don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have to work at it and it won’t take time, but the results are well worth it. At least you know you will be working on something that will deliver results.


So, how exactly can you make money with StumbleUpon? It’s quite simple really because almost everything works with StumbleUpon, from affiliate marketing to AdSense and CPA to selling physical products. However, the key is to sell indirectly.


Skip the Hard Selling 


If you want to make money from StumbleUpon then you need to forget about hard selling. If you share a link to a sales page, it will be voted down so fast you won’t know what hit you. When building your website, whether it’s around a CPA offer or for AdSense, remember what type of people you are targeting.


StumbleUpon members are there to be entertained or to find information relevant to their interests. They are not there to be slapped in the face with a sales pitch. And that’s exactly why you need to pre-sell them by giving the valuable content. Not only does this warm them up and prepare them, but it also starts to build your reputation as an expert.


So, you have to provide quality information as frequently as possible, which means sharing content from other sites as well as making sure to update your own site regularly. The more often you update your site, the more reason people have to return on a regular basis. Considering that consumers need to be repeatedly exposed to an offer for a sale to go through, this approach increases your chances of making a sale exponentially.


As long as you understand the fact that the only way to make money on StumbleUpon is by providing value first, then there really isn’t any reason for you not to succeed. It will take some effort on your part to build a valuable site, but think of it as a long-term investment because that site will produce money for you for many years to come.


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