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Businesses Are Thriving On The Internet By Using Google Plus Marketing Tools


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Google plus was designed specifically with businesses in mind, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. Google marketing tools allow you to send your message out to customers, employees, business partners, vendors and anyone else all-in-one powerful, easy-to-use platform. 


Here are just some of Google's marketing tools that you can use to enhance your business. 



You can send a single message to just one person by using the recipient's name or you can include everyone in your circles. Circles also allow for other followers to invite you into their groups. 



This is not unlike Facebook or Twitter. You can post updates, comments to other followers and make posts about your own business. You can promote just about anything you wish. Merge your Facebook, Twitter and other social media to your Google plus timeline. Have one centralized place to host all of your information. Streamified allows you to access information from your PC, smart phone or tablet. 


Google +1: 

This product is similar to the Facebook like button. By adding a Google +1 button to your blog page or website, it will enable other followers to recommend your products and services. If you are familiar with Google searches, you may have already noticed a plus one feature next to most websites now. Simply click the +1 button. You can ask other followers in your circles to do the same for your website. This will eventually increase your ranking in Google. 



Google wants to see all the information that is shared by you and other followers to be relevant. Gone are the days of taking other people's information and claiming it to be your own work. This can be to anyone's benefit because what you are promoting in the way of your business is your content, your words and your hard work. Google now has the ability to search out original content and promote that through their search engines. By simply adding a couple of specific tags on Google plus, businesses now have the ability to rank their websites higher than before. 



This allows you to streamline any news articles relevant content, videos and your own promotional products. You can select all of your circles or just specific ones to target your niche. If you love cooking you can promote recipes from either your own creations or other people in your circles. You get to choose who sees what promotions. 


These are just a few of the amazing new marketing tools that Google plus is promoting to everyone 


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