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Business Life Is A Big Plus On Google


Google Plus Breakthrought Articles


There are millions of people around the world who are using Google plus. The question is, are they using it correctly to promote their business, products and services?


Anyone can set up a plus account if they have Google E-mail. Google even provides you an immediate stream of circles where you can have almost 300 followers. Most of these circles, though are related to music, personalities, actors and politicians, so will any of these people even see what you are promoting? If you just want to have a personal Google plus account then using your existing E-mail will work for you.  


However, if you are interested in promoting your business then you really should set up a new business Gmail account. Just like Facebook, Google plus allows you to have many of the same features. If you do decide to set up a business account, your contacts will need to first approve being added into your circles. Until this happens, they will not see any of your postings. 


When setting up your Google plus business account, be specific with your category about what you are trying to achieve. For example:  are you promoting a local business, a company or organization? Maybe you want to promote sports and entertainment? This is where you will need to classify what you are trying to achieve for your business. 


You will also need to provide Google basic information concerning your business. If you intend to use Google plus to promote your services then obviously you will also need to provide your phone number, a website and the address. If you have a storefront this is an essential requirement for your listing. 


Adding images to your Google plus account is an important feature too. Finding attractive images either about your business or yourself is the difference between new circles being interested in you or not. By not having a profile picture, people may think you are a spammer. They will not add you to their circles if they feel you are there to spam their followers. Appearance is very important in this particular case. 


Once your Google business page is established you may wish to add your profile to other pages and groups. By searching for similar businesses in Google you will be able to narrow your niche and become familiar with the way other companies are promoting themselves. Learn from other people’s success and follow their methods.  


If you would like to know more on how to set up a basic Google plus profile, then click this link: 


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