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There are millions of people who are now aware of Skype and Apple's face time program. People often enjoy the face-to-face video interaction that these programs are able to provide. You can be in Australia and talking to somebody in America, watching their face and listening to their conversation. This method of communication is growing in leaps and bounds and is now here to stay.


Google hangouts have gone one better. You can use your Gmail, your Google plus account, smart phones and include up to 9 other people at one time into your conversations. Google has given its customers better and more reliable video along with crystal clear audio. 


For many businesses, this handles a lot of their concerns. Imagine being able to interact with customers, employees, vendors and other business partners all by using the Google hangout feature. This can be done from almost anywhere through Google.  As a businessperson you now have the ability to conduct a meeting without having to leave your home. Google hangouts can cut down on air travel, being stuck in an airport, traveling expenses, slow city traffic and many other inconvenient situations.  


Hangouts also allow people to share documents, slideshows and screenshots. Google even allows people the opportunity to show YouTube videos while interacting with others in your hangout. Pretty amazing isn't it? 


Google hangouts also have a feature, which they call “On Air”. This will enable any businessperson to promote and broadcast their special hangout to their YouTube channel. Imagine being able to promote an unlimited amount of views, which encourage others on Google to come to your hangout. The possibilities are endless here. It's like having your own personal television station without all the hard work involved. 


For anyone wanting to bring their business into the 21st century, Google hangouts has provided a service to its customers that far outweigh the competition. You can now manage a successful business from your easy chair. With a little bit of education and time you can set up an amazing program through Google, which can potentially bring thousands of new perspective customers to your business. 


It stands to reason that millions more people in the future, will prefer to use marketing techniques this way. The future of the Internet is changing rapidly, just look at the way books online are now being sold. Instant downloads to a book reader either through a company or on your PC with the click of a button.  Isn't it time, you upped your game too? 


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