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BREAKING NEWS: Are Membership Websites The Best Internet Business Models?  


Massive Membership Site Profits


One of the biggest mistakes I see most membership site owners make is they TRY to sell a membership site -- and no one wants to join it even if it were wrapped up in a pretty pink bow and tossed under a Christmas tree.  


Bottom-line, if you’re trying to sell a recurring problem (monthly payments to you in your bank account), you better have the goods to “back it up” and make THAT problem look like nothing compared to the problem you’re helping them solve in your membership site 


It doesn’t matter if you want to create a membership site in the stock, make money from home, golfing, weight loss, weight gain, or dating market -- these 3 CORE fundamentals apply to any niche market: 


Fundamental #1: “Give Away FREE Stuff” -- Not just any stuff. Good stuff. Stuff related to your target market via a squeeze page to collect email addresses for future updates and promotions.  


Give them a “no-strings-attached” relationship and simply offer to help them ease the paid of their problem by opting in for a free video, report, or consultation.  


Fundamental #2: “Make Your Offer Irresistible”-- If you got the guts (and I know you  do), you will stand by your membership and take virtually ALL the risk off the potential customer  


How do you do this? Simple. Give them a 14-30 day risk-free $1 trial. This shows a few things. One of which is “confidence” and a strong psychological belief that you got the solution to their problem. 


Fundamental #3: “Deliver MASSIVE Content” -- also known as, “over-delivering”. If you want to make the best money, you have to strive to want to be one of the best. 


No. Not the best in the world. But the best in the marketplace, and believe me, getting to be the best at this is NOT as hard as you think -- if you’re willing to take it to that level. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits) 


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