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 The Perfect Companion To Social Media, More People Are Tuning In, providers of the most used blogging platform in Technorati's Top100, recently released new statistical data showing a huge increase in blog publishing, the number of blogs registered, and the number of people reading blogs every day. Because of this, and the distinct technological advantages and flexibility of the platform, more and more Internet marketers are utilizing Wordpress as the base Content Management System for their business.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform & is use by 22% of top 10 million websites and this number is increasing ever-passing day. 71% of these blogs are written in English, with the 29% published in 19 other languages. With more than half a million posts made to WordPress blogs on a daily basis, and around 400,000 comments made by the blogs’ readers, is it any wonder that blogging has become a major pass time for Internet Users? Furthermore, the incidence of blog platform-based CMS in websites is steadily on the rise.


When asked how many people follow all these blogs, William Carter, blogging expert from said, "It's difficult to answer that question accurately, but certainly we are talking about many hundreds of millions of people, maybe 500 or 600 million total. If you include non-English blogs, we can easily assume a number well above a billion people, perhaps even more than 2 billion -- or about 1 out of every 3 human beings on the planet. I know the numbers are astounding!"


"Therefore, it should go without saying that an active CMS site is absolutely VITAL to establishing a strong web presence for your company or brands, because this allows you to regularly share “fresh” content, the kind that has become key to solid search engine (SEO) rankings from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and every other major engine whose web crawlers are constantly seeking out and indexing new content. Gone are the days when we used to just write a post and include some AdSense ads in our blogs to earn a few cents... Today's web users are waking up to the fact that utilizing blog platforms as the CMS for their business, whether they're service industry or membership sites, is a definitive trend for small business and corporate companies generating millions of dollars."


"These programs are also a great source of fodder to utilize in those all-important Social Media Accounts, like Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, YouTube, and other niche networks like MySpace or various social bookmarking platforms. Because many social media accounts are character-limited, long form information is best shared via a blog first, then social media next."


Wordpress are expecting the number of blog accounts registered, publishers and users to continually increase in the coming years, with an increasingly large number of businesses implementing CMS into the structure of their business for greater reward. was founded in 2009 to provide online marketers with information on cutting edge strategies, and proven techniques such as monetizing blogs. The site offers a range of informative emails, reports, and ebooks for the savvy marketer.


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