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Are YOU Making These Painful CPA Marketing Mistakes? 


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In today's article I'm going to expose 3 painful CPA marketing mistakes you're probably doing right now and you might not even know them.


Mistake #1 is dealing with "small" CPA networks.  


Listen, I'm all for helping small businesses make money. The corner store, for example, is a good substitute to buy a few knick-knacks from when I don't feel like traveling a distance to my local Kroger or Wal-Mart.


But when you're dealing with start-upCPA companies, few of them never make it past their third year -- for a REASON. And the reason, often is, bad infrastructure, poor management, and little regard for customer service.


If you want to give smallerCPA companies a try, be my guest, but I'd rather leave it to other people to test out before I risk my money on an "unknown" network.


Stick with the "big guns" in the industry, and you will rarely have any of those issues.


Mistake #2 is taking very little, if ANY action to move forward with your campaigns.


You would think this mistake is common sense, but I've heard stories from people who complain about CPA not working when they never gave it a chance to work in the first place.


Reading a course about making $25k in one month from CPA offers isn't going to magically happen for you unless you take what you read and apply it to action.


The problem is that some people prefer to live in the fantasy of success than having REAL success. At least until their fantasy goes "bust" and the bills are due before the end of week. That's when they complain. So don't complain about it, put the stuff into action and you'll get REAL results.


Mistake #3 is to resist the urge to work in a panic.


Diving into the deepCPA waters can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re just learning how to swim. There are many courses teaching you how to promote, which offers to promote, and which way to promote that it can all be al little wacky sometimes.


Truth is, each offer requires a different approach that will work for one CPA offer (email/zip submit), but won't work for another (credit card submit). Whichever offer you pick must be compatible with the way you promote it.


Always keep that in mind.


In conclusion, making money usingCPA methods is like any other online business. It's not a "get-rich-quick-scheme" and it DOES need to be treated with respect and a solid game plan to work for you. Don’t get me wrong, making money with CPA is exciting and can be an adrenaline rush when you make your first $100 day, but what it will take to get there is not easy task.


Simple. Yes. Easy? Not by a long shot.


Avoid those common mistakes above and you'll be one step ahead of everyone else who isn't as fortunate to know about them as you are.


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