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Are You Making These Little Known Auto-Blogging Mistakes?  


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I am not perfect. In fact, I may be the clumsiest person you will ever know. I cannot pretend to have all the answers to the mistakes people make when it comes to auto-blogging as a source of income. 


All I can do is help you avoid the most common mistakes to avoid at all costs if you are to succeed with it.  


Although not all mistakes can be avoided as some are just a natural way to success, if you are at all serious about making a full or part-tine income auto-blogging there are a few key “pitfalls” I would advise you to avoid at all costs.  


The first of them is setting unrealistic expectations.  


Auto-Blogging is about creating content as fast as you can using software of any kind while you focus on the marketing side of getting that content seen and acted upon -- giving you time to setup traffic sources that work for your niche market and get your blog ranked in search engines. All which takes some time rather you want it to, or not. 


It reminds me of the old, yet famous cliché, “It’s not going to happen overnight”. And, it’s true.  


The second common pitfall is focusing on content creation a bit “too much”. If you want to make a profit, marketing your auto-blog through blog directories, articles, backlinks, SEO, and guest blogging are essential because no one will read your content if they don’t know it exists.  


I know it’s contradictory to what most people will tell you, but your content is NOT king if it doesn’t have a subscriber base to follow it. 


Finally, auto-blogging doesn’t mean it’s completely “automatic”. 


You and I can both agree that a blog, no matter how automated, isn’t going to turn it on and set itself up. Still, you have to put in some effort to get the system set up and occasionally, you still need to lube up and oil the machine for it to keep working. 


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