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If you are struggling with traffic generation or simply need a new traffic source, then you should consider StumbleUpon. Any Internet marketer knows the dangers of having a single traffic source. Say you rely mainly on traffic from Google. What if a new update knocks your site down from page one to page five million? Your traffic is going to dry up and so is your income. Thus, the smart approach is to never put your eggs in one basket.


So, how exactly can StumbleUpon help you? Well, StumbleUpon can be a valuable source of targeted traffic if you use it properly.


StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Is Only a Launch Pad 


Most people are worried that it will take to long for them to start generating traffic with StumbleUpon. After all, it’s a social bookmarking community and everyone knows to succeed on any social media platform, you need to interact with the members and become established before you have any chance of seeing results.


Well, StumbleUpon offers Internet marketers a great launching pad, as it were. Their advertising system, known as StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, is a great way to generate exposure for your site and start the ball rolling while you are building reputation in the community.


The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to run advertising campaigns continuously on StumbleUpon because it works like a snowball, picking up more and more snow as it rolls downhill. In other words, the traffic you generate through your advertising campaign will help you generate even more traffic, without the need for further advertising.


Of course, for this to work, your site needs to offer valuable, interesting and helpful content. You need to think like the people on StumbleUpon and figure out what they want to see. Luckily, that’s easy to do. All you have to do is check out the popular sites in your niche and emulate them. After all, if they’re at the top of the list, then they must be doing something right.


Then, when people land on your site, courtesy of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, they will give it a “thumbs up”, which means that it will increase in popularity. The more votes it gets, the higher it will rank in the list and the more people will end up visiting your site. Pretty soon, you won’t need to advertise at all.


StumbleUpon is one of the few platforms that can help you generate traffic with advertising but doesn’t require you to keep advertising. A few campaigns, at first to generate interest is all you need.


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