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8 Bad Ass YouTube Secrets That Boost Your Traffic And Explode Your Sales

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I didn't "invent" nor find out about these all by myself. In fact, many I've discovered came from the advice and mentorship of other successful YouTube video marketers
who make their living with this stuff.

In no order of particular importance, below you're going to discover 8 badass YouTube secrets that'll make you money using free traffic

Secret #1: If you're new to video marketing and YouTube is your first choice (and best choice), when you open your YouTube channel post your first video as a "response" to a popular video.

This is powerful because it brings in fresh subscribers to your channel and fresh views.

Secret #2: After editing and uploading your videos, to get more traffic to your video submit your video link to social Bookmarking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

Also, don't forget to tag them on the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Secret #3: If your using YouTube for the IM niche, focus on 1 niche ONLY. Upload two videos of the same keywords and the chances of you getting ranked goes up by almost 50%.

Secret #4: Search for a popular video with keywords to match your target market and contact the owner and ask if you can put your website in a annotation embedded in the video for a small cash payment.

Secret #5: Don't be a hermit and make friends with some of the people in your niche. Yes, that includes your competitors. Comment on their videos and help them get more views to their channel and they might return the favor or give you a few connections.

Secret #6: Create a parody version of a popular YouTube video using the same keywords, tags, and title. Do not MOCK the video with the intent to harm their reputation to build yours. Keep it light, and most importantly make it funny.

Secret #7: Use a video of yours to include as a response on other peoples MySpace account or other social media network websites. Make sure the video is relevant to the comment you are making.

Secret #8: Keep the videos brief and to the point. Long, drawn out videos rarely get the attention. Attention spans are short-lived in an age where information is abundant, so keep your videos short.

These are all bits and pieces to a bigger puzzle that will only improve your traffic and consequently boost sales. Don't try to tackle all little secrets at once. Take your time and apply one at a time until you reach the end of the list.

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