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7 Step System to Make Money with Google Trends


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If you want to make enough money through online marketing to quit your day job, then you need to figure out what to sell and how to sell it. What’s just as important to figure out is how to make sure as many people who will buy that product or service knows you are selling it in the first place so they have the opportunity to take advantage of it, and you have the opportunity to increase your income. Google Trends is the absolutely best way to figure that all out. This free resource is a marketers dream come true and the top online marketers who take advantage of it don’t want you to know how to make full use of it. 


Having a powerful and free resource such as Google Trends makes it possible to make that kind of money that will give you the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of. You can use it as an income earning system that will make sure you can figure out know what to market and how to market it for the best results. Here is a system you can use to get you started: 


7 Step Systems to Make Money with Google Trends 


1.              Go to Google Trends and click on "Top Charts" in the left hand navigation column.  

2.              Scroll through the top forty charts and zero in on what will be most interesting for your potential customers. For example, let's say you sell sporting goods. You see that Jason Collins NBA is a breakout hot topic. It's brand new to the "Top Charts" list and looks as if it’s currently holding steady.  

3.              Do a general Google search on whatever top keywords you found in your own niche to find the hot news related to this topic. (Such as “Jason Collins NBA” would be searched on in the example for a sporting goods site.)  

4.              Write an article using the breakout keywords you’ve found. Make sure those keywords show up in at least the title, first and last paragraph without using the keyword too many times.  

5.              Monetize the article with affiliate links or other monetization methods depending on your business model. 

6.              Insert links from other relevant, highly trafficked sites. This is an important way to get additional SEO weight to rank better in the search engines.  

7.              Share your article with social bookmarking and social media network sites to gain the most amount of traffic possible. 


If you follow the 7 Step System to Make Money with Google Trends you will notice a significant improvement in the amount of traffic you get to your articles. The more you use this system, the faster and easier it gets, and the more money you make! From that point, the sky is the limit for your online marketing success.  


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