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6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Marketing Is Better Than Facebook Marketing  

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Many online marketers today are targeting Facebook for their online marketing campaigns. It's completely understandable. Facebook is nearing a billion users and the site is growing every day. But most of those marketers would be surprised to hear that there is a better way to spend one's social marketing time and dollar. LinkedIn is where most marketers should concentrate their efforts and here are six reasons why. 

1.    No Need To Hide Your Intentions 

On Facebook, you can't just start advertising your products and services. You have to be social and friendly or else you will be considered a spammer quick. On LinkedIn, people are expected to advertise their products and services. That's what the site is there for. You can be open and transparent, as you want about your business dealings, which makes it a much better use of your time.

2.    LinkedIn Is Comprised Of All Professionals  

You don't have to navigate through friends and family to get to your customers on LinkedIn like you do with Facebook. LinkedIn is made up of all professionals, which makes it perfect for expanding one's professional network.

3.    The Ability To Follow Companies  

With the Companies Tab, you can follow companies and keep up with their latest happenings. You can follow all of your direct competitors to keep up with their latest hiring and firings, product and service launches, news and updates. You can also follow companies in your industry that aren't necessarily competing with you to get some new ideas on how to market your own business.

4.    LinkedIn Answers 

There is no better way to establish your authority over a subject than to provide valuable answers to other professionals' most pressing problems. You can even ask questions in the Answers section for excellent market research about a subject.

5.    Connect With Like-Minded Professionals  

LinkedIn provides you with multiple ways to grow your connections list. You can have LinkedIn search your email account address books, you can enter email addresses manually, you can accept LinkedIn recommendations and you can even engage in introductions. Introductions allow you to connect with professionals who may know people in your connections list. By starting the introduction process, you can expand your network even more, leading to bigger and better opportunities.

6.    All The Abilities Of Facebook Without The Noise  

Let's face it, Facebook is more about keeping up with Grandma and Aunts and Uncles than it is for business. As much as Facebook tries, the platform just can't seem to give business owners the leg up it hopes to. Enter LinkedIn, the fastest growing social network for professionals and the best resource for Internet marketers looking to get ahead online. 


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